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 A brief story on how business began:

My wonderful and exciting journey started when I was a young man in Lebanon working at our family grilled kebab restaurant on the beach. Our restaurant was extremely successful and had an outstanding reputation due to the great taste and profound quality provided to our customers which increased day by day. We made sure to stay in the lead of curating all kinds of grilled and barbecue kebabs. One of the key factors behind our successful business is the sustainable planning to suit customers and market needs. A few years later, Syria was trapped in war, which made it difficult for me to go back .So I decided to embark on a journey to explore the world. It began in Turkey. Once I arrived there I began working as a chef, I was fortunate to gain experience and develop more ways in crafting the best grilled meat recipes by using the perfect mixture of meats and spices for an extraordinary taste. Soon, I was eager to move on and explore new places and new cultures, so I decided to move to Greece, where I had a great opportunity in Athens to continue my journey in creating the best recipes. Working as a chef in Lebanon, Turkey and Greece granted me the skills to become a professional in combining different flavours. My passion for meat and spices gave me the chance to link the rich flavours of the Middle East with the west, so I decided to move to my final destination, England. After searching around for the right place to open my new business, I found a small restaurant in Middlesbrough. Unfortunately, the restaurant closed due to failed business. I decided with the previous owner to take the chance and revamp the restaurant, specialising in shawarma meat only. Having regular customers from different ages and mixed backgrounds made me realise the need to produce healthy and tasty meat with a combination of different spices and less fat. We finally managed to reopen the restaurant in a two months’ timeline and push it to become one of the leading establishments where we sold 50 kg of meat per day with completely satisfied and pleased customers. Moreover, I was inspired by the successful start of the restaurant to move to Manchester to start my new factory, as my dream of making the best meat was growing bigger and bigger. The Factory aims to produce large skewers of frozen spiced shawarma meat whilst maintaining the taste and quality. We have curated methods to keep our meats to the best standards which we stand by. At last but not the least, I am grateful to my family, my hard work and all the opportunities I had and I am so proud of my achievement “Damascus Shawarma” which I named after my beloved country Syria.

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